There are many reasons why individuals might be looking for a therapist. Perhaps you are struggling with a difficult decision or situation that leaves you feeling lost or uncertain. Or it may feel as if you have lost control over things that happen in your life. Whether it is a relationship that has ended, a child with behavioural problems or a personal struggle with a loved, emotions such as loneliness, grief, anxiety and depression can become overwhelming. When things become difficult many of us find it hard to sleep, work or enjoy the things we once did. All we want is to find a solution that will bring us peace and happiness.

We are a group of six Clinical Psychologists and Psychological Counsellors who work together to help each client achieve healthy psychological functioning and well-being. We strive to build a close relationship with you and to make you feel safe so you can talk about the difficult stuff. We try to build relationships where you will not feel judged or shamed in any way, where you can be yourself and overcome the problems in your life. We will try to help you find the strength to overcome past hurt and trauma, to build stronger relationships, to be the parent or partner you want to be and to grow and love yourself. Bringing about change in your life is a process and at Let's Talk we hope to assist you in making it a comforting and liberating experience.

Whether you are contemplating entering therapy yourself or whether you are looking for help for a loved one, this website may help you come to a decision. Here we provide you with information about who we are, our fees and policies. Our Frequently asked question, Services and Approaches to therapy are included in the top menu of the page.

Please feel free to browse and contact us if you need more information or want to schedule an appointment.