Samantha Feris

Psychological Counsellor

Samantha obtained her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree at the University of Namibia. She started her journey working with MVA trauma patients and volunteering at a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre. Consequently, she joined the LTP team, under the supervision of Edwina Mensah Husselmann, as an intern and qualified as a Psychological Counsellor at the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA) soon thereafter.

She enjoys working with couples, teenagers and young adults who struggle with work-life balance. Areas of interest include trauma therapy, grief counselling, psychoeducation, career guidance and relationship problems.

Fun facts about her include that she is a bubbly/talkative individual. She enjoys being out in nature and loves to travel and experience new cultures. She is a generous individual who cares for others. She is intuitive and often respect the values and beliefs of others. She is friendly and loves to experience the minds of different individuals.

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